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Rewarded with a smile. That signature statement lies at the heart of our Global Vision. It's simple and extremely powerful. After all you smile when you're satisfied. And it's your satisfaction that really drives our success. We chose the image of a tree - a symbol of strength and harmonious growth - to symbolize Toyota's Vision. The roots are our shared values like the Toyota Way. The trunk represents the strength and stability of our operations. The twelve branches are the twelve tenets that make up our Global Vision. The fruit of the tree - your smile. In Canada we strive to earn your smile with the vehicles we build and sell the services we provide by exceeding your expectations at every opportunity and in ways you might never see like how we operate our business and the social contributions we make. Our goal is to remain the environmental leader in the automobile industry. We work daily to reduce the impact of our activities and promote positive environmental change within the company with our partners and suppliers and in the communities where we live and work.