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KARILISS LABORATORIES is a manufacturer of a range of highly moisturizing hair care products that revive damaged hair while effectively preventing hair loss. Organic shea butter stands as it's star ingredient. That vegetable fat nourishes, protects, embellishes hair and hydrates scalp because it is particularly rich in unsaponifiable matter. The Kariliss line of products also contains argan, baobab or nigella oil, natural ingredients known to be smooth and soft on hair. The Kera Gro?compound was born after years of searching for solutions to hair losses and growth problems. It is the number one objective for the Kariliss laboratory and its central preoccupation: to provide custom-made capillary solutions, thanks to that exclusive compound made of shea butter and a growth promoter from a plant source. Kariliss has all the essential ingredients to maintain strong, beautiful and healthy hair. They are suitable for all types of hair.