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Froese Law is a branding law firm that is dedicated to protecting enforcing and commercializing your branded products services and personal brand and to creating the most effective legal framework for your business to penetrate the marketplace.We secure your intellectual property assets protect your competitive advantage structure your business manage your third-party relationships finesse your branding and negotiate your commercial agreements to ensure that your business is ready for success. Whether you are a new brand launching in Canada an established brand going global or an international brand entering the Canadian marketplace Froese Law ensures that you are protected. Froese Law directly provides cross-border legal services between Canada and the USA and also manages legal issues that fall outside of North America.Froese Law adopts a fresh and pragmatic approach to providing legal services. Our priority is to help you get the job done in a business-savvy manner while maintaining exceptional legal skills and professionalism. We tailor our services to your needs taking into consideration the specific nuances of your industry and your business objective.