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TeaPops were born in the Baker family's home on a spring afternoon in 2012. DeeBee's founder and CEO Dionne Baker was in the kitchen with her two boys when her youngest son asked to brew rooibos tea and her eldest son who wanted to make a frozen pop said "Mommy! Let's make teasicles!" With that they made the first ever TeaPops.Backed with a PhD in maternal-fetal toxicology Dionne began creating clean nutrition-packed TeaPops for her family. She and her husband Stephen a surgeon researched the extensive advantages of tea experimented with fresh fruit combinations and within the year launched the award-winning TeaPop enterprise of their little homemade venture.TeaPops are the first of their kind in the marketplace. Not jammed with fillers like the "all-natural" alternatives TeaPops are clean and pure because a loving mom wouldn't settle for anything less!